Sales Boosting Tips

Sales boosting tips and strategies

When it comes to boosting sales there are so many strategies to choose from it can be confusing. In fact, if you do a search online for the term “boost sales” you will find hundreds of thousands of results filled with tips and information that can help you reach your goals, which most of the time only leads to more confusion.

I’m going to share a few more techniques that can hopefully help you cut through the clutter and boost sales for your business. Keep in mind that even those these are simple, when they are used properly they are extremely effective and can definitely help you increase sales.

Customer experience

One of the first things were going to talk about is making the consumers buying experience as easy and painless as possible. Don’t make your customer jump through hoops to buy your products. They’ll only get frustrated and walk away! While there may be a lot of information that you want to collect from your new customer it’s important not to ask for too much information up front.

Instead, ask for the bare minimum from the customer, so they can complete their purchase as quickly as possible. If you want to gather more demographics from them later on, follow-up by sending a
thank you note, asking them to fill out warranty information or take a quick customer survey. I know this may not seem like a big deal to you but you may be surprised to find out how many sales you are losing because your checkout process is too complicated.


Good communication is the key to closing more sales. It is important to follow-up with new prospects and customers in a timely manner. Keeping the lines of communication open allows you gain more trust and credibility, which will turn into more sales of your product or service! Encourage your customers to ask questions.

Always do your best to put them at ease and let them know that they’re not bothering you or wasting your time to ask you a question. Answer each question honestly and promptly. Remember, most customers can tell when you’re being untruthful. If you don’t know the answer to one of their questions, don’t make something up simply tell them you’ll find out for them as soon as possible and let them know.


One of the best ways to find out what is on the mind of your customers is to create a survey. This can help you find out what motivates them to buy and provide you with valuable insight into their wants and needs. This will help you learn how to reach your target market more effectively. If you find that people aren’t very interested in taking your survey try offering an incentive, a free gift or discount for giving you their feedback.

When it comes to finding out what your customers, want there are many free and affordable services the make surveying fast and easy. Most of them will even help you track your results.

Here are a few places you can start:

Survey Monkey

Survey Gizmo



When it comes to closing the sale, it’s important that you talk about the benefits of your product or service. Sure features and specs are important but save them for later. Your customers don’t want to know the all the technical details about your product or service, they just want to know what it can do for them!

Benefits show off the value of your product much better than features. Let your prospect know exactly what your product can do for them. Will it help them make more money, have more time, reduce their stress, give them energy, help them live longer, etc. This is what they want to know and this is what will help boost your sales. Again, these are only a few simple things you can do. But, they are all tried, tested and proven effective when it comes to boosting sales.

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