Walk in your customer's shoes

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes

Let’s talk about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, product pricing and time limits.

Most people have a built in instinct when it comes to sales pitches. It’s like they can feel it when you want to sell them something. It makes them feel uncomfortable and puts them on guard almost instantly. It’s your job to put their mind at ease and alleviate any doubt they may have about your product or service.

One way you can do that is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Don’t assume that just because something is important to you that it is important for them. Take some time and try to look at what your business has to offer from your customerís point of view. Keep this general rule in mind, “take care of your customer and he’ll take care of your business”.

When you offer customers useful products and services that will make a difference in their lives, they will reward you with repeat business and lifelong loyalty.

Price Increases

Did you know that people often associate premium products with higher prices? So it only stands to reason that raising prices will boost sales. Now I know that may seem a bit crazy especially if you are barely making enough sales to reach your quotas but in most cases, a price increase will set you apart from the competition and implies that your product is better. However, do take special care that the customer must see the value of the higher price.


When it comes to boosting sales public perception of your business brand is what will put you ahead of the competition. According to most experts, it’s extremely important for small businesses to brand themselves. Conveying a solid brand message in everything you do from your logo to your marketing materials can have a huge impact on your profits. It makes your business recognizable and more memorable.

Here is an article that provides a great example of how a winery used branding to boost sales:

Time Limits

This sales tactic has been used for decades and it still hasn’t gone out of style. The next time you are planning on running a sale, try adding a time limit to your promotional materials. Setting up time limited offers causes people to take action right away. They don’t have time to think about your offer, change their minds or wait to make a purchase. If they want to take advantage of it, they are forced to act fast, which means more sales for you.


The fear or pain of loss is another very powerful sales-boosting tool that has been around for a long time. The emotions associated with pain and loss can trigger a consumerís response to your product or service. If you offer, a product or service that can keep them from feeling those emotions make sure you use that to your advantage.

Design your promotions in a way that makes your potential customer feel like if they don’t get your product or service right now, they will be missing out on something that can help them avoid those feelings.

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